November Little Things

January 14, 2022 in Beach, iphoneography, Kindergarten - No Comments

We kicked off November with a trip to the orthodontist to trade in Halloween candy for cash. The boys were very excited about those crisp dollar bills. We couldn’t let a month pass without visiting out favorite place. We also couldn’t let a month pass without an inevitable sick kid….

Fall Sports

January 11, 2022 in Soccer, Sports, Swim Team, Swimming - No Comments

September and October are our hottest months, so the pool was not a bad place to be. Troy and I had to divide and conquer for a few of Blake’s Saturday meets that conflicted with soccer games. Finn got to tagalong with me and he did not appreciate the early…

Halloween Activities

The boys think that the best part of October is having reasons to dress up in their costumes multiple times. First up was Blake and Nash’s Halloween piano recital. Next was the kindergarten parade. Finn had a party in preschool. Back at the elementary school, they had “Fall Activity Day.”…

Halloween Costumes

January 8, 2022 in Halloween - No Comments

It usually feels like a race to end to pull off all of the costume parts and accessories that the boys plan out, and this year was no exception. Nash’s costume in particular took a considerable amount of time to get right.  He dressed up as Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh! I…

Pumpkin Patch

January 7, 2022 in Pumpkin Patch, Traditions, Videos - No Comments

We had another successful trip to the pumpkin patch. Tractors, pumpkins, wheelbarrows, hay bales, corn maze, and petting zoo – what’s not to love? Crew set his heart on the largest pumpkin he could find. He couldn’t quite pick it up, so he settled on using the giant pumpkin as…

AGT Superfans

March 3, 2021 in Friends, iphoneography, Videos - No Comments

We were on a major America’s Got Talent kick this year. We drove up to LA to see a grand total of FIVE recordings. It was so easy to snag tickets and we got so wrapped up in the season that it got kind of addicting! We kicked off the…

Red Sox and Newport

February 25, 2021 in Beach, Newport, Red Sox - No Comments

We headed to Newport Beach on a World Series game day. The Red Sox were up 3-1 and we were hoping that some pre-game beach vibes would secure their victory. Blake stayed home to work on homework but my other three were happy to get some fresh air and represent…

Sick Day Beach Day

February 24, 2021 in Beach, Swimming - No Comments

My parents came to town for my mom’s 60th birthday celebration and even though we offered to take her to a nice dinner or have a party, all she wanted to do was go to the beach. When Nash was fighting a cough on the big day, we just took…