Happiness Is

February 24, 2009 in Blake - 2 Comments

They gave Blake a balloon at the grocery store today and it seriously made his life. He batted at it, laughed at it, kissed it, and held on to it as if to never let it go. Ah, to be one again.

Everyday Moments

February 20, 2009 in Blake - 4 Comments

Blake has been making the funniest expression. He pretends to be surprised and says “Oooohhh!” each time he makes the face. He is still improving on his walking skills. Every day he walks more and more. He is a little unsteady, but he walks across entire rooms now without coaxing…

Valentine Shmalentine’s Day

February 16, 2009 in Dates, Valentine's Day - 5 Comments

Here’s how our Valentine Shmalentine’s Day went down: We hired our new favorite babysitter two weeks in advance. We knew it would be a hot business night so we wanted to snatch her up. She is adorable and the most experienced and mature twelve year old I have ever met….


February 13, 2009 in Homesick, Michigan, Nash Family - 3 Comments

I haven’t lived at home for seven years. In all that time, I have never really gotten homesick for our house, yet tonight it is what keeps me awake. My parents just sold the house I grew up in, and though it is a great blessing for them, I can’t…

Road Trip

February 2, 2009 in Loveys, Road Trips, Thumbsucking, Videos - 3 Comments

We survived another all day road trip back home. I learned a few tricks along the way to make traveling alone with a one year old a little more bearable. The front seat was set up with a bin containing lots of books and toys to hand back at any…

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