We had a major pinhole leak in our kitchen, which seems to be our summer curse. After a whirlwind week of plumbers, field adjusters, and a water mitigation team in and out of our house, we decided to get out of town for a long weekend. Especially because our entire…

Elementary Graduate

Blake wrapped up his elementary career. It went by so fast. The 5th graders had a special carnival day to celebrate their completion of elementary school. There was also a 5th grade promotion ceremony. It started at 8:30am and Blake lectured me before school on how I needed to get…

Blake’s Creations

June 3, 2019 in Blake, Machines, Temples - No Comments

Blake has spent his free time building “machines” since he was little. Building creations out of cardboard has been his latest passion. He rigged up a pinball machine. I don’t think he’ll ever grow out of building with k’nex. He also built a 3D temple after going for the first…

Preschool Graduate

Today was my baby’s last day of preschool. I didn’t cry, but I definitely felt the heavy weight of never having another preschooler. They performed a darling graduation program and Finn was hilariously animated during “Good Ship Lollipop.”  Miss AnneMarie was the best teacher. Just like that, the end of…

Last Disney Hoorahs

May 29, 2019 in Disneyland - No Comments

We fit in as many Disney days as we could before the end of the school year. Nash’s trend this spring was to bring notebooks so he could draw sketches while he waited in lines. Gummy lifesavers were our favorite snack to have on hand, and they doubled as entertainment….


May 10, 2019 in Preschool, Theme Parks - No Comments

The SeaWorld preschool field trip $6 admission day is too hard to pass on, so I took everyone out of school. It started out rough with whining, complaining, fighting and having different opinions on what to do. We eventually found our groove. I loved hearing a story from Blake and…