Moments Like These

February 29, 2008 in Blake, Videos - 4 Comments

We haven’t had too much going on around here since coming home from Arizona, but we have been enjoying sweet moments with Blake. It seems like he is continually reaching new milestones. He found himself in the mirror this week, and cracks up when he sees his image. He has…

We Love AZ

February 23, 2008 in Arizona, Friends, Nash Family, Vacations - 5 Comments

We love Arizona for many reasons. We get to do lots of things that we can’t do at home, like go on walks OUTSIDE! Except Blake had no idea we were outside. We visited our friend Aunt Becky and the Miller family. I lived with them for a semester in college…

Teaching Days

February 13, 2008 in Teaching - 2 Comments

I went to visit my kindergarten class this morning because they were putting on a patriotic President’s Day program. It was so much fun to see them again and yet it seems like eons ago that I was their teacher. It was weird to think that they have just been…

Blake’s New Girlfriend

February 8, 2008 in Friends, Sleeping - No Comments

My friend Kourtni that I grew up with in Michigan had a baby six weeks after Blake was born. We ended up in the same ward out here which is pretty crazy considering there are hundreds. Kourtni and I used to play together in our diapers when we were little…

Like Mother, Like Son

February 5, 2008 in Blake - 3 Comments

Anyone who knows me well knows that I always sit on my heels with my legs and knees folded in. I sit like this more than I sit “normally”; typing on the computer, sitting at the dinner table, sitting on the couch, riding in the car, sitting on the floor,…

Snowed In

February 5, 2008 in Blake - 4 Comments

We were hit by 3 snowstorms last week which meant spending a lot of time inside. Lately, Blake has liked being upright a lot more than laying down. He loves to observe the world and know what is going on. I don’t even try to slick his hair down anymore…

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