The Thumb Finder

March 26, 2008 in Blake, Thumbsucking - 6 Comments

Blake finally found his thumb. He has always tried to push his fingers, fists, or pretty much whatever he could get into his mouth, but he wasn’t ever coordinated enough to keep them there. I am now convinced that thumbsucking is the best habit ever. It soothes him, helps him fall…


March 24, 2008 in Easter, Tanner Family - 4 Comments

We had Easter Dinner with Troy’s family at our place this year. It was crammed, but pleasant! We amazingly fit all six adults around our tiny table, and the “buffet” was served on the washer and dryer. Needless to say, I am excited to have some more space someday. Some…

Don’t Ya, Don’t Ya?

March 17, 2008 in Blake, Videos - 6 Comments

Blake, you have pretty blue eyes. Don’t ya, don’t ya? Blake, you like to laugh. Don’t ya, don’t ya? Blake, you love your mommy. Don’t ya, don’t ya? Blake, you think mommy is funnier than daddy. Don’t ya, don’t ya? He thought all of these questions were pretty hilarious.

Three Months

March 7, 2008 in Blake - 5 Comments

Blake finished his third month with a bang. This week, on the same day, he slept through the night and rolled over! He hasn’t done either task since that lucky day, but now that we know he can do these things, we are anxiously anticipating the next time. I now have about…

Tube Time

March 2, 2008 in Dates - 3 Comments

Last night, our date night consisted of ordering take-out, blowing up the air mattress, pulling out the blankets, and having a movie marathon. This quickly turned out to be Troy’s favorite date, mostly due to the movies. Blake really enjoyed himself too. He is sure his daddy’s boy when it…

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