Congratulations Troy

April 26, 2008 in College, Troy - 4 Comments

Troy is officially a college graduate. I am so proud of him. He worked incredibly hard in school and received straight A’s since coming to BYU (even last semester when he took finals a week after Blake was born). We talked to some of his professors before the convocation. They all raved…

Smart Boy

April 22, 2008 in Blake - 4 Comments

I was on the computer today when I heard music coming from the nursery (where Blake was supposed to be sleeping). I went in to find that he had turned on his little aquarium that is attached to his crib by kicking the button with his feet. He was happily…

Michigan Bound

April 10, 2008 in Michigan - 3 Comments

We finally booked our flights to Michigan. I’m so excited! We get to spend two whole weeks there before Troy starts his job in May. Blake has yet to meet all of his extended family and Michigan friends, and he’ll already be five months old by then. Some of our…

Blake’s Bumbo

April 7, 2008 in Red Sox - 3 Comments

Blake loves his new bumbo chair. He always wants to be sitting up, so it is perfect for him. He especially loves it when the chair is aimed towards the TV, but we try not to let that happen very often. He has also been brainwashed to love the Red…

First Big Boy Pictures

April 2, 2008 in Family Photos - 5 Comments

We took Blake in a few weeks ago to have some pictures taken. We figured since he is so smiley, he would be ready to smile for the camera. He was not very cooperative, however. He became Mr. Serious in the studio and would not smile. We even tried coming…

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