Our Luggage has Arrived

May 7, 2008 in Michigan, Vacations - 1 Comment
We had an awesome flight to Michigan. Blake was so good the whole day and the people in front of us didn’t even know we had a baby. We were a little more worried about the trip this time because he has a hard time falling asleep just anywhere now, but he proved us wrong.

It is so great to be here! I had no idea that I would feel so strongly about being back home, but I am just falling in love with all of the green trees and familiar places. The first night we were here, I went out into the garage to put something into the freezer, and this flood of memories came back to me as I smelled the spring humid air. I did not realize how much I miss being home.

1 Comment

  • Julie May 11, 2008 at 2:13 am

    This cute piece of “luggage” can visit Michigan anytime!

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