Little Fishie

June 27, 2008 in Swimming - 1 Comment

Blake and I took a local mommy and baby swimming class. We went everyday with 9 other moms and babies for the last two weeks. It was basically more for fun than to teach Blake real swimming skills, but we both enjoyed it. We sang songs, splashed, kicked, and tried…

Dear Blog,

June 25, 2008 in Blake - 4 Comments

Here a few updates on my recent happenings. My mommy started feeding me vegetables. So far, my favorites are squash, sweet potatoes, and green beans. My mom thinks she is pretty good at feeding me but I know how to do it better. In fact, I would prefer my mommy’s…


June 15, 2008 in Boating, Tanner Family, Troy - 9 Comments

It was finally nice enough to go boating today. We have been itching to go on Troy’s parent’s boat for a few months, and it has been cold or rainy almost every weekend. It was such a great day. I forgot how much fun it is to do water sports!…

Six Months

June 11, 2008 in Blake - 4 Comments

Is my baby really a half year old? Blake is a little goofball and his personality just keeps getting more and more fun. I am having a hard time believing that he will be a year old in six more months. At Six Months… Blake grabbed the doctor’s mustache and tried to…

Feeding the Ducks

June 11, 2008 in Summer Activities - No Comments

It is so much fun to see Blake discover nature for the first time. He could touch the grass for hours and loves to grab leaves and flowers. It is hard for me to get his attention when we are outside because he is so engaged in his surroundings. We…

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