Little Fishie

June 27, 2008 in Swimming - 1 Comment
Blake and I took a local mommy and baby swimming class. We went everyday with 9 other moms and babies for the last two weeks. It was basically more for fun than to teach Blake real swimming skills, but we both enjoyed it. We sang songs, splashed, kicked, and tried to attempt blowing bubbles. Blake is such a water boy. Even when the water was chilly, he could care less and was happy to be splashing around. It was a really nice break for me too because it has been in the 90’s here everyday.

1 Comment

  • Miller Family July 1, 2008 at 10:01 pm

    I love that you had him take lessons. I am sure at his age it didn’t seem like much but being from Arizona, the earlier the better to get started with lessons. Also love the pictures of Blake swimming.

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