September 29, 2008 in Chores - 4 Comments

I am in need of some major rest and relaxation. Over the last week, I have: Mopped, vacuumed, and deep cleaned our house twice Painted a bathroom with three coats of paint Gone to JoAnn’s 6 times, Heartland Paper 3 times, Walmart 3 times, Bed, Bath, and Beyond 2 times,…


September 28, 2008 in Birthdays, Friends, Nash Family, Parties - 2 Comments

We surprised my mom with a 50th birthday party while my parents were visiting us. Her birthday isn’t for another month, but since she figures out everything, we had to be very tricky. It was difficult for us to get her out of the house before the party (so that…


September 22, 2008 in Blake - 3 Comments

Just in: Blake is getting his first tooth. You may have to zoom in to see it, but the tooth bud is there! He hasn’t been too cranky and is still sleeping pretty well, however, the one problem we are having is the wrestling matches that occur during meals. Blake…


September 18, 2008 in Yoga - 3 Comments

I have always wanted to become a yoga instructor. I found my first student. Downward Facing Dog. Hip Opener. Happy Baby. Cobra. Cow pose. Plank. Forward Lunge. Triangle Pose. Forward Fold. Spinal Twist. Namaste.

Trebeck Visitors

September 16, 2008 in Friends - 3 Comments

My friend Becky is getting married in six weeks. I am so happy for her. She is my longest friend and is like a sister to me. Her fiancé, Trevor, is perfect for her. They came up to stay with us this weekend and we had a great time playing games,…

Nine Months

September 10, 2008 in Blake, Videos - 6 Comments

Blake has now been out as long as he was in my tummy.  He is a little peanut and is constantly in motion. Here are some clips to show Blake and his energetic personality at nine months.

We’re Back

September 9, 2008 in Moving - 3 Comments

We finally have our Internet connected. I’ve been going crazy. It’s amazing how much I rely on the Internet. In some ways, it has been nice to not have the temptation there to waste time surfing, but I have needed so much information this past month and a half that…

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