Gobble Gobble

We spent Thanksgiving in the Valley of the Sun. I never thought I’d be posing in front of palm trees on Thanksgiving Day. The grandparents soaked up major grandson time. Blake experienced his very first Thanksgiving feast complete with his own turkey bone. Ok, we didn’t really let him gnaw…

Double Feature

November 22, 2008 in Dates - 4 Comments

Troy was rewarded with a half day off work this month because his team was doing so well. We were debating about what to do with such a luxury, until I remembered that Twilight came out today. He didn’t really have a desire to see Twilight (mostly because of all…


November 18, 2008 in Blake, Videos - 3 Comments

Our little eleven month old is such a busybody. His new thing is he loved being chased. He crawls away from us as fast as he can and usually ends up faceplanting it a few times in all the excitement. His activities keep us on our toes.

Project Scrapway

November 15, 2008 in Crafts, Records - 4 Comments

I noticed that I haven’t been posting very much this month (at least not as much as usual) and I realized that it is because my memory card is empty. Instead of taking pictures, I have been working like crazy to get Blake’s scrapbook up to date so that I…

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

November 7, 2008 in Blake - 8 Comments

The countdown to Blake’s first birthday has begun. He is eleven months old today which means that we only have 30 more days until Blake is ONE! I read a quote the other day that said: “It may not seem like it when it’s three in morning and you’re trying…

Picture Tag

November 3, 2008 in Dates, Marriage - 2 Comments

I usually don’t like to participate in blog “tags” but this one was kind of interesting. My friend Golda tagged me to post the fourth picture from the fourth folder where my pictures are saved on our computer. Amazingly enough, it wasn’t a picture of Blake! That is because I…

Happy Halloween

November 1, 2008 in Halloween, Tanner Family - 1 Comment

We started off our Halloween adventures by going trick-or-treating at Troy’s office. It was awesome for the elementary children who could cruise up and down the aisles of desks, loading up their bags with treats in a short amount of time. This method is much more effective than actual door…

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