My Yoga Journey

January 30, 2009 in Church, Teaching, Yoga - 5 Comments

Why do people come to yoga? Some go to become more focused and to learn about their inner selves. Some go to improve strength and flexibility. Some go to increase circulation in their bodies and release toxins. Some go to let go of stress, chaos, worry, and fear. Some go…

Pavlovian Conditioning

January 13, 2009 in Blake, Loveys, Thumbsucking - 4 Comments

Remember the psychology theory that Pavlov developed about the dogs who were conditioned to salivate when they heard a bell, because in the past they had received meat each time they heard the bell? Well, I happen to have a son that proves Pavlov’s Conditioning Theory. Let me back up…


January 8, 2009 in Arizona, Road Trips, Teaching, Troy, Yoga - 10 Comments

I am currently engaged in one of the most spontaneous things I have ever done. I am completing an intense 200 hour yoga teacher training program in Scottsdale, Arizona. I have only been consistently practicing yoga for about two years, but I have loved the transition that yoga has given…


January 7, 2009 in Blake - 2 Comments

I was upstairs the other day putting Blake’s laundry away when he took off and went down the stairs. He does that often now that he has figured out how to scoot down the stairs backwards, which leaves him with full reign of the whole house. Usually, I can tell…

Happy New Year

January 2, 2009 in New Year's Eve, Tanner Family, Troy - 1 Comment

I make the mistake every year of setting high expectations for celebrations on New Years Eve. I’m not really sure why I do that, considering that we don’t celebrate the holiday like most of the rest of the world does, and especially now that we are parents and it would…

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