April 30, 2009 in Blake, Blakeisms, Videos - 3 Comments

Instead of describing all of our little boy’s recent Blakeisms, I caught some of them on video. He is pretty predictable in the things he says, wants, and does. I shot the footage within an hour before bedtime, when he was the most chatty and wound up. I thought I…

Brain Stimulating

April 29, 2009 in Blake, Crafts - 7 Comments

After Blake’s breakthrough with the pretzel/pretzel connection, I decided to stimulate his brain more and make him a matching game. I glued little zoo animals onto cardstock and laminated them for durability. We don’t use the animal cards as a memory game quite yet. Blake is smart but he doesn’t…

This is My Life

April 24, 2009 in Fears, Friends, Homesick, Michigan, Trials - 7 Comments

A friend of mine from high school recently wrote about homesickness. She is an American expat living in Chile, and her ideas about the topic really hit home to me because it is something I have been struggling with. I’m not an expat, but I do live 1500 miles away from…


April 13, 2009 in Arizona, Easter, Vacations - 2 Comments

We went back to the Valley of the Sun for Easter. It seems like we have gone to Arizona a lot lately. It is hard to stay away from the abundant sunshine, pleading grandparents, and royal treatment we receive when we visit. I am elated any day that I don’t…

Best Friends Forever

April 9, 2009 in Friends, Videos - 2 Comments

As I mentioned in a previous post, my BFF’s Stephanie and Kristen spent some time with us. Kristen actually lives an hour away from me, but I don’t get to see her that often. Her sister, Steph, flew all the way from Michigan to spend a week with family and…

Temple Square

April 9, 2009 in Friends, Temples - 1 Comment

One of the highlights of the week was our afternoon at Temple Square. The weather was gorgeous and I don’t often visit the local tourist attractions even though I live so close to them. Blake loved to get out of the stroller and walk around. He also loved his shadow….

Proud to be a Spartan

April 6, 2009 in Friends, Sports - 3 Comments

MSU is playing in the NCAA Basketball finals tonight. I am so excited for my team. The best part about this tournament is that I got to watch the victorious Final Four game with my best friends and fellow Spartan Alumni, Stephanie and Kristen. Steph and her daughter Skyler are…

Little B

April 3, 2009 in Blake, Videos - 1 Comment

This little boy makes me laugh every single day. I did some spring shopping and Blake loved the hat I picked out for him. We’ll see if he really keeps it on this summer. Blake never falls asleep in the car, and even when I snapped a picture, the nap only lasted…

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