Little B

April 3, 2009 in Blake, Videos - 1 Comment
This little boy makes me laugh every single day.

I did some spring shopping and Blake loved the hat I picked out for him.

We’ll see if he really keeps it on this summer.

Blake never falls asleep in the car, and even when I snapped a picture, the nap only lasted about 4 minutes. It was another overtired Sunday, go figure. I wish I could get him to sleep in the car more often, because it is so sweet.

Blake is a big wuss about anything that remotely brings him pain. So, banging his head against the dryer must not have hurt, even though it sounds painful. I guess if he shows signs of slow brain processing later in life, we’ll know it was from  head banging when he was one.
Blake was acting so funny when we went to out to lunch with his grandmas. At first, he was leaning over because he was mad that he had accidentally dropped something on the floor. I never have to worry about him throwing his food on the floor because he freaks out if so much as a cheerio is dropped. Why he doesn’t like food on the ground but he has no problem pulling every item out of every drawer and cupboard is beyond me. Anyway, I’m not sure if he just got too tired to hold his head up or what, but we were laughing so hard at his refusal to lift his head.

1 Comment

  • Julie April 3, 2009 at 10:38 pm

    What a funny, but cute little boy! He’s such an entertainer!

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