Ribbon Jar and Meal Plan

May 28, 2009 in Cooking, Crafts - 10 Comments

My little one has been taking long afternoon naps lately which has left me a lot of time for my favorite thing: new projects. Here are a few things I have completed recently: Ribbon Jar I love ribbon, but my collection used to consist of this tangled mess: Now, they are…

Memorial Day Weekend

May 26, 2009 in Summer Activities - 2 Comments

It started out like this: The weather was beautiful. We played in the sprinklers, planted some much needed trees and flowers, and went to a few wedding receptions. It ended like this: Downpouring rain and the stomach flu. Blake couldn’t keep anything down all day Saturday, he had a high…


May 22, 2009 in Blake - 3 Comments

I never know what to expect when it has been a little too quiet for a long period of time. Look at that little smirk. He completely knows that he is in trouble.


Tricia and I ventured out to the zoo today. Blake is getting to the age where he can actually enjoy such outings, and it was nice to go before all of the children get out of school for the summer. Tricia was a good sport for going to the local…

Mother’s Day

Our Mother’s Day weekend was a little unconventional. I have been working on end-of-year DVD slideshows for the school I used to teach at all week, and I barely finished them on time on Saturday. I didn’t feel very deserving of a holiday honoring mothers after neglecting my son while I…

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