Troublesome Act of the Day

July 29, 2009 in Blake - 6 Comments

Sometimes I underestimate the items that my son can reach. I was in the other room when he came up to me repeating “uh oh” over and over and frantically displaying the sign language for “help me.” He then led me to the scene of crime. Apparently he had helped…

Summer Nights

July 27, 2009 in Summer Activities - 3 Comments

My mom informed me last night that I was not posting enough for her liking. So, here you go, mom. Life has slowed down for us quite a bit since our return from Michigan. It has been nice in some ways to not be rushed, although I generally prefer staying…

la carnival

Our neighborhood had a carnival over the weekend. Blake got his face painted, jumped in the bouncy house, and won a prize at the fish pond. We even got to ride on the motorized train. We couldn’t believe how many people come out to this annual event. I guess it…

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