Beach Night

When we visit Michigan, there are always a lot of activities, people, and favorite restaurants to cram into the time we are here. Some of our top priorities usually include Fricano’s Thin Crust Pizza and Lake Michigan. We combined the two during this trip and had a picnic dinner at the beautiful lakefront. It was Blake’s first visit to the beach and he loved having the sand between his toes. He “helped” Jorden dig a hole and build a sand castle.
He squatted in the sand to make lines with a stick.
His grandpa carried him on his shoulders.
His grandma buried his feet in the sand.

My brother was curious about yoga so I showed him some poses. It turns out that the sand is not the easiest place to balance.

I tried to help him get into a pose called Birds of Paradise.

He got pretty close. He had the arm wrap down pat.

Blake loved the water. He had a hard time understanding why he couldn’t go all the way in. He walked up and down the shore and was completely fascinated with the waves washing up against his toes. He did not love, however, when the dry sand clung to his wet feet. That’s my little Mr. Clean.

Another beach highlight for Blake was filling up a bucket with twigs, dumping them out and handing them to me, moving the bucket to a new location, and starting the process all over again. He repeated this cycle at least twenty times.

Blake loved to point out and chase the “ducks” (seagulls).

The beach wore us out so my brother and I crashed on Blake’s carseat on the way home. It made a good pillow.

Apparently my little non-car sleeper wasn’t worn out at all. He jabbered away on his cell phone all the way home.


  • Miller Family July 1, 2009 at 6:27 pm

    What fun! SO great to hang out with Jordan now that he is back. The beach looks so nice.

  • Liz July 1, 2009 at 8:21 pm

    I love the pictures of you doing Yoga on the beach! And Jorden trying to do is just too funny.

    I still can't believe Blake won't fall asleep in the car…I can't even get Grant to stay awake on the ten minute ride home from church most Sundays…

    Can't wait to see you again next weekend! Enjoy your time up on Mackinac!

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