Spring Lake

Our 4th of July was slightly crazy. We spent the night before the 4th in Spring Lake with our friend Adam’s family. They were generous enough to host 8 adults and 6 children under the age of three. We were all friends at MSU and all met our spouses in the place we lived. We had such a fun time catching up around the bonfire, playing cards, and chasing our little ones around. 
Troy and I were back and forth to Spring Lake all weekend since I was adamant about attending some Grandville 4th of July activities. But we also didn’t want to miss too much action with our friends. We woke up in Spring Lake on the 4th and promptly drove 45 minutes to Grandville for the parade and barbecue #1 with church friends. Then, we left Blake with my parents and drove back to Spring Lake to play games with our college friends. My aunt happens to live in Spring Lake, so when Blake woke up from his nap, my parents drove him to my aunt’s house, and we met up with them for barbecue #2 with extended family. Finally, we drove back to Grandville with Blake for barbecue #3 with my friends from high school. We topped off the long day with a fireworks show.
It was a lot of driving. But since this is my favorite holiday and the festivities haven’t been quite the same for the last few years, I was happily satisfied with all of our crazy celebrations.

We tried to take a festive picture of the four girls but our husbands and the placement of the flags were making us laugh. We also couldn’t figure out which camera to look at because the boys were snapping pictures randomly.

Finally, a normal one.

Mitch and Adam took a little spin in the canoe on the beautiful Spring Lake that can be accessed from the backyard.

I think Troy’s favorite part of his entire trip to Michigan was our boating excursion on Spring Lake. He fell in love with Spring Lake a couple of years ago. It is his {far fetched} dream to someday own a house on Spring Lake with his own personal boating dock. Sometimes when he is bored he will randomly look online at Real Estate in Spring Lake to see what is available and how much our savings needs to grow. He was pretty much on cloud nine as we soared across the water checking out the beautiful houses and lake view.

I don’t mind Troy’s dream too much since it involves Michigan.

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  • Miller Family July 8, 2009 at 7:02 pm

    How great to be with all your friends and how awesome that everyone could be there this year. That place looks SO beautiful. Nice and green…compared to the brown in Arizona it almost looks fake!!

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