Making the Switch

September 28, 2009 in Pregnancy - 8 Comments

I made the switch into maternity clothes. Everyone says you pop out sooner with your second child, but I am a good 10 weeks ahead of when I popped out with baby #1. I don’t even care that I had to make the switch. I was SO happy last week…

Revamping the Workspace

September 18, 2009 in Revamping Our House - 5 Comments

Our makeshift office located in our family room was in need of some major updating. What I wanted most was some storage space for my craft supplies. I also had issues with our computer and printer being out in the open for everyone to see (and for my toddler to…


September 17, 2009 in Blake - 3 Comments

Blake’s new favorite pastime: It’s one of those tents that you are supposed to set up outside to keep your baby safe from the UV rays. However, it also works well as a living room fort and reading area.

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