Tee Time

We started our Halloween events over the weekend, so here comes the big costume reveal. We took our little golfer to Gardner Village which has become an annual tradition because of the great fall ambiance spread throughout. It’s like a Halloween wonderland. My mom came out to visit last week…

Platinum Pumpkins

October 22, 2009 in Crafts, Halloween - 3 Comments

A little spin on the traditional: Troy hates carving pumpkins and Blake is still a little too young to enjoy such an activity, so I took the pumpkin decorating into my own hands this year. They went platinum.

Teaching Yoga At Last

October 15, 2009 in Teaching, Yoga - 6 Comments

I am officially employed. Even though I completed my yoga teacher training in January, my national certification took months to process and didn’t become official until May. Then, alas, I got pregnant and was sick all summer, making teaching in the evenings about the last thing I wanted to do….

Proud To Be a Tanner

October 10, 2009 in Family History, Tanner Family - 6 Comments

I was incredibly privileged to marry into a family with a great legacy of service and dedication. This legacy started with a man named John Tanner, who was the first in his family to join our church in 1832. John Tanner was Troy’s great-great-great-great grandfather. Last night, we attended the…

One of Those Days

October 7, 2009 in Blake, Chores, Motherhood - 4 Comments

See this angel face? Not so much today. The day started out with Blake opening the refrigerator door by distributing half of his weight onto the freezer door for leverage. He’s been working on opening the fridge door for months, but was not successful until today. This opened a whole…

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