Christmas Greetings 2009

I had grand ideas for family photos for our Christmas card this year, but Troy vetoed all of my ideas. I decided that I was ok with not including a photo of all of us since I am pregnant and not overwhelmingly loving my butterball face and belly. We’ll have to work on a picture for next year though. We literally only have two pictures of all three of us from this year, and they were taken on Easter and Halloween. Neither were really Christmas card quality, so at the last minute I snapped some boring traditional pictures of Blake in his holiday get-up. He was actually surprisingly cooperative and I was able to take a decent picture to send out. It has definitely not been my most proud Christmas card creation; but I ran out of time and just had to let that area be sub-par this year. Plus, I think that Blake still looks cute regardless of what format the Christmas cards are in.

We had a few outtakes as well.

Blake has been mesmerized by the Red Sox ornament on the tree this year. He continually begs for the “Sed Sox.” His dad is proud of his son’s early MLB team of choice.

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