March 31, 2010 in Arizona, Nash Family, Vacations - 2 Comments

We love Arizona in March and April! We headed south to soak up some rays, take a few pool dips, and spend some time with Grandma and Grandpa. Troy is off to NYC for two weeks and I decided that I didn’t really want to spend that time alone with…

My Vice

March 27, 2010 in Arizona, Cadbury Eggs - 5 Comments

If it weren’t for these: …maybe I’d be able to fit back into my pre-pregnancy jeans. Once a bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs is opened, I finish it off. I think that they lace those crunchy shells with something; they should be called Crackbury Eggs. We’re headed south for a…


March 22, 2010 in Sleeping, Tanner Family - 2 Comments

I happen to have a super chic and beautiful sister-in-law, Tricia. She is currently living in the heart of New York City pursuing her master’s degree in Social Work at NYU. We miss her! She came to visit during her spring break this week and she met her newest nephew….


Guess who came to visit her new grandson and coordinate outfits with him? It was so nice to have my mom around for awhile, especially to entertain the toddler. Blake baked all sorts of treats with his “Ya-Ma Youlie” (Grandma Julie). Grandma taught Blake that cookies were a breakfast food….

The M & O, the Wash, and the Sheeps

March 5, 2010 in Blake, Blakeisms, Videos - 4 Comments

While stalling for naptime, Blake always tells us the exact same stories from his keen memory. He tells us about events that have made a significant impact in his life. The stories always include genuine concern and fear of events that were chaotic in his limited two-year-old mind. He mentions…

One Month and Rollin’

March 2, 2010 in Nash - 3 Comments

That’s right; today Nash turned one month old and he made his rolling debut! He was having tummy time while we were eating breakfast and when I looked over, he was on his back. I knew I didn’t flip him over, but I was so puzzled as to how he…

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