We went to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point with Grandma Tanner. By the time I got both boys fed, bathed, dressed and out the door (it takes forever these days), and after going to the wrong location at first (having already unloaded both boys out of their carseats and into their strollers, just to have to put them back into the car and drive a little further), we finally made it to the gardens. We didn’t stay for long because by the time we got there we were pushing into lunch and nap time, but what we did see was beautiful and I got a few nice pictures out of the whole fiasco.
This is Blake’s “yawning” face, which he will perform for you on demand.
Do you see that hand full of dirt? He was much more interested in the rocks and dirt than the pretty flowers. Such a boy.
Nash was there too but he slept in his stroller the whole time so I only captured this little one.
There were 250,000 tulips spread out over the 55-acre gardens. Such a beautiful sight to see!

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  • Mamacita Chilena May 5, 2010 at 1:10 am

    Wow!!! What a beautiful place for pictures!

    By the way I need to email you, let's plan our ten year! Megan Vaneck was in China last time I checked ( which admittedly was forever ago so math she's home now).

    I'm at the airport on my iPod but when we get to the states I'll email you!

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