Ultimate Day

Have you ever had one of those days where everyone was happy and healthy and getting along and you just wanted to stop time and stay that way forever? Though every detail was not exactly perfect, I felt that today was a day I could relive over and over and be completely content. Filled with General Conference (aka church on TV), swimming in between sessions, watching my Alma Mater play in the Final Four, delicious meals (not cooked by moi), great naps taken by both boys, an Easter Egg hunt, and even a few loads of laundry, yes, today was close to perfection. It was a wonderful balance of productivity, recreation, spirituality, and family time. One of the best parts of the day was the pure joy that Blake experienced in the pool.
We’ve taken him swimming since he was little but he has never been as fearless as he was today. He squealed with excitement every time he jumped into our arms. He could care less how much water he swallowed or how many times he went underwater.
Every time Blake jumped off the ledge or was thrown up in the air, he exclaimed in a high-pitched voice, ” ‘Nother Time?”
My Spartans did not play so well in the NCAA Final Four game, but it was still fun to cheer them on to this point.
As usual, the brainwashing of intercollegiate sports teams began at a young age.
I’ll share pictures of Easter later. I’m going to end this great day with the reward of an earlier-than-normal bedtime while both boys are asleep.

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  • Stephanie April 4, 2010 at 1:59 pm

    That does sound like a great day! We enjoyed ours too, although it would have been even better if MSU would have won!

    Oh, and I totally knew Blake and Nash apart. Although, they DO look more alike than I realized!

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