May Flowers

The month of May for me means planting flowers and creating graduation slideshows. I have spent every spare minute the last couple of weeks working on DVD slideshow presentations that I create yearly for the school that I used to teach at. The slideshows are shown at graduation and contain pictures of every student throughout the school year. I enjoy working on them and being connected in a way to my teaching days, but after finishing the 15th slideshow yesterday, I was happy to turn my work efforts into caring for our yard instead of staring at a computer screen. It felt good to pull all of those overgrown weeds and plant some flowers around our tulips.
Speaking of yard work, my husband is sneaky sneaky in his efforts to do as little yard work as possible. He absolutely detests manual labor, so when we attended our church youths’ auction fundraiser last weekend, he outbid everyone for any services involving mowing and snow shoveling. To my surprise, after an impeccable mowing service was rendered to us today by a teenage boy, Troy hired him to mow our lawn for the rest of the summer! I was a little peeved at first since I don’t think that we need mowing services when we are in our mid-twenties. However, I think that $15 a week is probably the best money we will ever spend on improving our marriage. Our Saturdays will no longer consist of me plotting the best way to motivate Troy to mow the lawn. He will no longer be nagged and nagged and nagged when it gets to be three weeks since the previous mowing. Troy and I don’t disagree about much, but my blood boils just thinking about the tension involved in the past when discussing the chore of lawn mowing. Our summer will be much happier now that I can always look out the window and see clean lines on our grass. Procrastination, guilt, and nagging will be eliminated from our conversations. I sit here taking in the sweet scent of our blooming lilac tree through the window and I feel lighter already.

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  • Mamacita Chilena May 9, 2010 at 5:51 am

    When Seba and I got a maid (not as snooty as it sounds, totally normal in Chile) it was for the primary reason that washing dishes and fighting about it made us both want to kill each other. I wholeheartedly support your decision to get a guy to mow the lawn even though you're in your twenties! Your marriage will thank you.

  • Miller Family May 9, 2010 at 6:37 am

    Oh look at those flowers that are growing and so healthy in nice weather. The heat is already so bad here. Most flowers don't last unless you spend the time a mother does with her children and since I have children I don't have that kind of time to put towards plants. We plant, water and they die within a few weeks…at least this time of year!

    Oh and the lawn stuff – SO FUNNY it is opposite of me and Jake. Jake adores yard work. If we were your neighbors Jake would volunteer to do the mow the grass!!

  • Stephanie May 10, 2010 at 12:33 am

    LOL to Troy's sneakiness! It may be funny that he can't handle mowing the lawn for an hour each week, but I couldn't agree more. Some things just aren't worth the fight. I would pay $15 a week to eliminate certain battles too…

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