Feels Like Summer

I just love summer days where we work hard and play hard. Working hard makes the playing so much sweeter. Today felt like the perfect summer day. It was so warm and sunny outside and so many projects that have been on my to-do list forever were finally accomplished. I didn’t change out of my grubbies the whole day because they were being covered with different colors of paint, dirt, and soap suds. It was wonderful.

It was so great to have my parents around this week. I was reminded of what adult interaction was like and I was only able to accomplish so much because of their help with the boys. My dad voluntarily washed our car after returning from his convention and enlisted the help of a certain little boy.

What a great Grandpa, having the patience to let Blake spray off all the soap! That’s the best part, right?

Blake thought he was really helping out by holding onto the hose for dear life and making sure it didn’t fall off the stairs. If you’ll notice that freshly painted railing behind him, that was one of the many projects I finally tackled. This railing and two others were previously covered in an exorbitant amount of rust and dirt and desperately needed some attention. I alternated coats of primer and paint between the railings and the laundry room all day. It feels fantastic to have this one checked off my list!

My sweet All-American baby enjoyed observing all of these outdoor activities as well.
Nothing feels more like summer than topping off the day with a backyard barbecue. It was the perfect reward for lots of hard work. Bring on summer and more days like this!

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