Every summer our neighborhood organizes a free breakfast and carnival. It isn’t as big as our annual city celebration, but it is still fun to attend. Blake especially loved it this year. He was really sick last year which made it slightly miserable and now that he is older he enjoyed it more as well. It made me really excited for the Disneyland trip we’re planning with our best friends in a couple of months, because if Blake was this elated with a few bounce houses and a swing, I can hardly imagine the excitement he will have in the big league of amusement parks.
We went through the bouncy obstacle course and down the gigantic bounce house slide. Three times.
I had to assist in helping Blake up the climbing wall portion, hence the adult in the child play area.

Adult, Schmadult. I’m not saying that I didn’t enjoy it too.
Meet Brooklyn. One of Blake’s eleven girlfriends at church. Seriously, every week when we come home from church, we ask him who he saw at church and who he played with in nursery, and he lists: Abi, Sammy, Rachel, Bria, Ada, Jenna, Lucy, Anna, Morgan, Brooklyn, and Addison. Do any of those names sound like boy’s names? He is already working it as a ladies man, no question.

Sweet Brooklyn waited in line with him and patiently followed him around from station to station. She held his hand through several swing rides. Blake certainly didn’t mind. In fact, he told us later that evening; “I like Brook-a-lyn.”
Blake thought he had died and gone to heaven. Every single time the swing circled around, he shouted at the top of his lungs, “Hi!!!” to me as he waved his trademark sideways wave.

Little Nash just waited it out, completely content with sucking the life out of his toy monkey’s limbs.

Can’t you just sense the enthusiam here? Balloons? Check. Toy won from the fishing game? Check. Waiting and waiting in the heat while resting against the wire fence? Check.

What could possibly make the carnival better than a first taste of cotton candy?


  • Linz July 22, 2010 at 8:08 pm

    Jeepers Lindsey! You are like one of the most beautiful moms on the planet!

    I love that cotton candy picture!

  • Kristen July 24, 2010 at 5:23 pm

    The cotton candy would have been my favorite part of the carnival. The picture of Troy cracked me up because I read the caption before I scrolled down to the picture. I didn't sense the sarcasm and thought it was going to be Blake.

    I'm soooo excited for Disneyland!!

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