Wedding Eve

August 31, 2010 in Cabin, Tanner Family, Weddings - 2 Comments

The wedding festivities really started the night before the big day. First, Tricia treated all of her bridesmaids (minus one) to a manicure. 4 sisters (or soon-to-be), 2 cousins, and 3 friends equaled 9 bridesmaids in total. Yep, that’s a whole slew of bridesmaids. Then, the groom’s family threw a…

Sneak Peek

August 30, 2010 in Weddings - 6 Comments

Tricia and Jacob are happily married! It has been a whirlwind weekend ranging from extreme joy to complete chaos. Before I reveal the beautiful bride and groom and give more details about the whole saga (and sort through a thousand pictures), I am incredibly anxious to share a sneak peek…

Ya Mon

August 25, 2010 in Blakeisms, Missions, Tanner Family - 5 Comments

For the last two years, our brother Todd has been a missionary in the Jamaica Kingston mission. Oh how we missed him! He had a really special bond with Blake before he left. This is Todd’s memory of what Blake looked like two years ago. He has changed a little…

On the Upswing to Thirty

August 22, 2010 in Birthdays, Troy - 2 Comments

In the midst of all the wedding hullabaloo (literally, right before another Tanner cousin’s reception), we fit in a celebration for Troy’s birthday. It’s getting scary how close to thirty we are getting. At least I have one year of youth on Troy. I felt bad that we didn’t do…


August 21, 2010 in Tanner Family, Weddings - 1 Comment

After seven crazy and stressful weeks of our sister’s engagement, things are finally coming together. There are still about a hundred more things to cram in this upcoming week before the big day, including our brother’s return from serving a mission in Jamaica, but we are confident that we’re going…

Let the Spoon Feeding Begin

August 8, 2010 in Nash - 3 Comments

spoon-feed –transitive verb To feed another with a spoon. To treat another in a way that discourages independent thought or action, as by overindulgence. To provide knowledge or information in an oversimplified way. There’s a reason why the phrase “spoon-feed” is usually derogatory. Let’s face it, spoon-feeding is not the…


August 6, 2010 in Blake - 1 Comment

When I was student teaching, we rotated between teachers which station we would serve in each day. I loved to be assigned to the art station, the reading station, and even the science station. But getting stationed in the pretend play area was my least favorite. I thought it was…

Single Mom

August 5, 2010 in Business Trips, Motherhood - 5 Comments

Troy is back in New York again for a couple of weeks. I haven’t been able to kick it into gear and get things done around here since he left. Part of that is from the relaxation I felt I was entitled to after scrubbing my house from top to…

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