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After seven crazy and stressful weeks of our sister’s engagement, things are finally coming together. There are still about a hundred more things to cram in this upcoming week before the big day, including our brother’s return from serving a mission in Jamaica, but we are confident that we’re going to pull the wedding off. Tricia wanted to take a little planning break and have one last girl’s hoorah before she gets married next Saturday. Some of her friends met up for a bachelorette party at the Tanners’ cabin. After dinner we hit Main Street in Park City and went to the ice cream shop “Cows.”

Is this place really called Cows? Yes.

Is it a total tourist trap? Yes.

Is the cow merchandise that covers every square inch of the store a little weird? Yes.

Is the ice cream incredible? Yes.

Should you visit at least once every time you are in Park City? You Bet!

I am so excited for this girl! I had way too much fun embarrassing her during her bachelorette party. We told her to make the symbol “10” for being a ten-cow wife. (Yes, two more than even an eight-cow wife.) She got it a little backwards.

There you go.

Later on we relaxed in the jacuzzi and I silently listened and smirked as the single girls shared the woes and hardships of dating, figuring out what qualities are important, and dealing with marriage pressure. I feel so far removed from all of those worries now that it was amusing to be brought back in time to their perspectives. In some ways those days were so carefree, but I am very happy to be at the other end without the relationship stress and drama of finding an eternal companion. Not that marriage is the end of your troubles, but it sure is nice to be in a committed relationship without worrying about playing games, leading him on, letting him in too close, potential break ups, and heartache. I’m so happy that Tricia has found her companion and will soon embark on the marriage journey.

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  • Mamacita Chilena August 21, 2010 at 10:46 pm

    I agree!!! Times a thousand!!! Loving someone enough and knowing someone loves you enough that want to be married to each other, makes life a happier place ๐Ÿ™‚

    Looks like fun times! Congratulations in advance to Tricia, I can't wait to see the pics, assuming you'll blog them afterwards!

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