Wedding Eve

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The wedding festivities really started the night before the big day. First, Tricia treated all of her bridesmaids (minus one) to a manicure. 4 sisters (or soon-to-be), 2 cousins, and 3 friends equaled 9 bridesmaids in total. Yep, that’s a whole slew of bridesmaids.

Then, the groom’s family threw a dinner party for close friends and extended family. It was held at the Tanner’s cabin which was a really intimate way to celebrate Tricia and Jacob’s upcoming nuptials. There were still about 80 people in attendance, but it felt nice and cozy compared to the huge reception the next day.
The bride and groom on their wedding eve.

The plan was to eat outside but the rain was pouring down so we set up the tables in the basement. The food was set up on the ping pong table. Clever, huh?

We may have been a little crammed together but it worked out beautifully and Jacob’s parents did a spectacular job hosting this event.

My favorite part was the individual Martinelli’s!

The best man gave his toast at this event since there would be hundreds of people coming and going at the reception. This was my last picture with my only sister while she was still single. I felt really privileged to ride in the car from the nail salon to the cabin with Tricia. I got 45 minutes of undivided time with the bride just before her big day. We caught up on all the last minute details and could almost cut through the excitement in the air. Tricia was even sweet enough to give me a beautifully wrapped present since she would be on her honeymoon for my birthday. That’s just how she is, always thinking of others even amidst the stress of the final preparations for her wedding.

After dinner we all moved upstairs for the program. Some people sat on the balcony overlooking the festivities and others sat in chairs spread out all over the main floor.

Jacob’s mom and her sisters started out the program with a beautifully harmonized and jazzy version of “Love at Home.” Aren’t they all gorgeous? Their music was just as breathtaking; they should take this act on the road!

Then, each of the parents and a few others shared stories about Tricia and Jacob and expressed feelings about their relationship and upcoming union. The moms didn’t make it through their presentations without a lot of tears. We had something similar the night before our wedding and I’m so glad that Tricia and Jacob did too because hearing others’ thoughts and feelings was one of my favorite parts of our wedding. It was basically like a sentimental testimony meeting, only focused on the bride and groom.

Jacob’s parents and grandparents live in California. His Grandpa Brimhall is the president of the LA temple and received permission to come here to seal them. He was quite the comedian in his speech to them, marvelling at Tricia’s beauty and joking about how he used to call Jacob on Friday nights to check if he was out on a date, only to find that he was studying at the library. He expressed beautiful words at the sealing the next day as well. How special for Tricia and Jacob that his Grandpa could play such an important role in the beginning of their marriage.

Troy and I gave a little improv presentation as well. We reminded Tricia about how when she was applying for graduate schools, she stated that she was going to marry someone from the East Coast (hence going to New York City), and she would know within 30 days that he was right for her to marry. Well, neither of those those things happened. She met California surfer Jacob a month before she moved to New York, and it took months and months of deliberation before making the marriage decision. That’s usually how those things work out, right? Opposite of what YOU plan. We are so happy that it worked out this way because we love Jacob and are so happy to welcome him into our family.

Tricia and Jacob expressed their affection towards each other and their excitement to spend eternity together. They make an excellent pair. They complement each other so well and they sure are going to accomplish great things together.

We tried to wrap up the evening semi-early to prepare for the grand event in the day ahead!


  • Sarah September 1, 2010 at 1:26 am

    Looks like you guys had a very exciting weekend. I just wanted to let you know I'm taking your Yoga class so i'll see you Tuesday!

  • Steph H September 12, 2010 at 5:03 am

    Um, cabin?? Let's try more like Luxurious Resort! Sheesh!

    Looks spectacular. How fun to be so close to your family and make such good memories. I love that you think of your sister in law like a sister.

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