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I always get really nostalgic around this time of year when everyone is going back to school. I miss buying fresh school supplies and books and receiving a crisp syllabus from each class. I miss the bustle and excitement of the first day of school. I become so jealous when I hear others talking about their first week of classes and sharing their opinions about the professors and workload. I miss how obtaining an education challenged me.

That’s why I love how teaching yoga challenges me in a way that being a mom doesn’t. Don’t get me wrong, motherhood can sometimes be the most challenging and frustrating job in the world. But teaching yoga brings in a whole new realm of trials. Preparing and diligently studying for my yoga classes allows a sea of memories to flood in from my school days.

Pouring over the notes.

Organizing the outlines.

Considering every perspective.

Memorizing the details.

Practicing the presentation.

I love how my mind is stimulated and my knowledge is refreshed when I prepare to teach. It makes me feel more balanced when I do hard things. I don’t want to cruise through the weeks and months without learning and growing.

I always go into each new class with a pit of nervousness. I feel underprepared regardless of how much time I have put into preparations. I am so relieved when it is all over and I can relax for a week until I go through it all over again.

But, in the end, I love that teaching invokes feelings of nervousness and deep reflection and analysis within me. Otherwise, how would I ever become a better teacher and a more well-rounded person?

So, I was pretty much on cloud nine last week while earnestly studying and preparing for my new classes. I even did yoga while studying yoga. Not intentionally. That’s just how I sit. Ask my college roommates. Sitting on my heels puts me into intellectual mode and helps me to concentrate. Which is why practicing and teaching yoga suits me perfectly.

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  • Steph H September 12, 2010 at 4:34 am

    You're so fun! I love that you sit like this while you work. So, I guess you've mentioned before that you teach yoga but I never really thought too hard about it. That's so fun that you teach! I've only been to one yoga class but I really liked it.

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