Sending Out Summer

Our long Labor Day weekend was kicked off with a birthday celebration for moi. Mostly, I took care of little boys to celebrate my advancement in age. But we did have a nice dinner with family at The Melting Pot. It probably would have been a little nicer if the boys were left at home during the three hour venture, but you can really never go wrong when cheese and chocolate are involved.
A highlight of the weekend was going back and forth to the cabin (we would have stayed all weekend but had duties to fulfill at church on Sunday) and taking our final boat voyage of the season.

Todd embarked on his first submersion in water in two years. He tore it up on the surf board and obliged to Blake’s requests to go tubing (at 5 mph).

Nash has been the more cooperative one when posing for pictures lately.

Grandma commented while luring Nash to sleep, “He has such a cherubic little face.” I would have to agree.

We ended the weekend by attending the Swiss Festival Sheepdog Grand Championship. It was a hoot and there were less hicks there than I thought there would be.

We had to get creative to keep Nash out of the sun. His careless mom forgot to bring sunscreen. We used his stroller as a shield and he was happy as can be.

Blake avoided the hot sun by finding a plethora of sticks and rocks to play with under the bleachers.

Tricia and Jacob came home briefly in between their honeymoon and move to California. We took advantage because this was our last family excursion with everyone around until the holidays. We are going to miss being all together. Gatherings never feel complete without everyone involved.

Goodbye, Summer. We will miss you!


  • Mamacita Chilena September 9, 2010 at 9:46 am

    Happy birthday Nashy!!!

  • Steph H September 12, 2010 at 4:40 am

    Happy birthday Linds! It looks like it was a fun weekend. Also, your photos look really good. I especially LOVE the one of Nash and his bright blue eyes!! Wow. What a photographer!

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