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My friend Kim and I went to a Time Out for Women Convention over the weekend. There was a sea of 4,000 women generating strength and hope. The presenters were full of wisdom and love, filling me and lifting me.
Our husbands took care of our children in every way back at home – and I for once just got to go and listen and absorb. It was much different than my weekly church adventures. I wasn’t trying to get little bodies to sit in chairs and stuff their mouths with cheerios to keep them quiet. I wasn’t trying to get teenage bodies to pay attention to my lessons. I wasn’t distracted thinking about what I would prepare to put in bodies after church. I actually got to pay attention, and it was wonderful.
But as I listened and reflected on motherhood and a myriad of other inspirational topics, I missed those little bodies like crazy. I couldn’t wait to get back to them and snuggle them up and tell them how much I loved them. Especially when Hilary Weeks sang “If I Only Had Today” and expressed so poignantly what the important things to do would be, if today was all there was.
“If there were no more tomorrows
If I knew that I could not stay
I know how I’d spend every minute
If I only had today

I’d hold you and listen
I’d memorize every detail of your face
I’d tell you I loved you over and over
I wouldn’t let excuses get in the way

Then I’d remind you of forever
How our love would never change
If I only had today”

Yes, I was happy to get home and sweep the boys up, love them, and enjoy them in the moment. Blake and Wyatt were like two little peas in a pod and Kim and I were so grateful that our husbands gave us some time out to rejuvenate. Although Troy did admit afterwards that he could never be a stay at home dad. How grateful I am that my sweet little boys are my every day reality.


  • Stephanie November 24, 2010 at 12:58 am

    So glad you got to get away and be lifted! It sounds wonderful. Can't wait to hear more about it. I love the words to that song. I'll have to listen to it!

  • mj November 24, 2010 at 5:37 pm

    too funny. your friend kim is one of my sister's best friends from childhood…and kim's older sister was one of my besties. it's been tell her hi for me!

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