Love, Joy & Chaos

December 10, 2010 in Christmas, Parties - 1 Comment
‘Tis the season to be chaotic.

I haven’t even started Christmas cards or neighbor gifts or Christmas shopping. Usually I have all that holiday jazz checked off my list at the beginning of December.
But with Blake’s birthday smack dab in between Thanksgiving and Christmas (why did we think that having a baby around that time would be a good idea?), family in and and out of town, and Christmas parties galore, I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants to get from day to day. That is not a feeling I’m accustomed to.

Troy even came home from work early one day this week (we’ve all been passing around this stomach flu/cold) and stated in disbelief, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen the house like this!”

I’ll admit, amongst birthday celebrations and meetings for church responsibilities and work dinners and preschool group and doctors appointments, the mail, toys, dishes, and birthday remnants were strewn across the house.

And the very next day I was asked to host an elegant soup course for a progressive dinner with all of the ladies from church.

Oh man.

If you could have seen our house on the day of the party at 7am compared to 6pm, you would have been amazed at the transformation. Complete with all the typical “stuff” in between; groceries, flu shots, and appointment scheduling, yes, even I was amazed that it all came together. That doesn’t mean that I wasn’t was mopping like a mad woman ten minutes before the first group of ladies arrived.

In all of the rush I only remembered to capture the tablescape (look familiar to Thanksgiving?). There have been a lot of those lately. Event hosting always seems to come in spurts for me.

We ate, we laughed, we enjoyed each other’s diverse company, and we shared Christmas memories prompted by discussion questions on the insides of the placecards.

It was a joyful event. I was happy to host. But man oh man, I was really glad to get it over with.
Now that I have the bonus of a clean house (at least for a day or two), I feel like I can finally focus on Christmas. I am ready to kick into intense work mode. 
But I’m beginning to realize that life will still march on relentlessly even if I’m flying by the seat of my pants, and I’ll miss the richness of the moments that abound around me if I don’t slow down. Yes, there is a lot to be done. But soon, our dear little children will be big children and the magic of Christmas will lessen for them. I hope I can remember to make some pauses and remember what’s most important this season.

1 Comment

  • Sarah December 13, 2010 at 2:43 am

    My house is a disaster most of the time and i don't even have kids to keep my super busy!

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