Three Christmas Parties and One Ebenezer Scrooge

December 13, 2010 in Christmas, Dates, Troy - No Comments
It’s funny how everyone tries to schedule their Christmas parties early to avoid conflicting with other Christmas parties, and then they still all end up being scheduled for the same weekend.
We hopped around from church, work, and bishopric parties over the course of two days with our lovely sitter being so willing to help us out for the events that were better attended sans children.

I can’t say I minded the one-on-one time with my sweet hubby who I have scarcely seen in the last few weeks.
Except that I was reminded of his Scrooge-like qualities that surround holiday events.
To top off our weekend of holiday parties, we went to see “A Christmas Carol” with Troy’s family. Surprisingly, I have never seen the movie or stage version of this popular Christmas tale. When Ebenezer was describing the nauseating feeling he gets for all things “Love” and “Merry Christmas,” I turned to Troy and said, “You really do have a lot in common with Scrooge!”
Even if Troy is a bah humbug, he still obliges my requests for a little holiday cheer.

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