Ice Ice Baby

February 23, 2011 in Friends, Winter Activities - 2 Comments
I love holidays such as President’s Day where you don’t have the pressure to do anything festive (apparently we aren’t very patriotic), but Troy has the bonus of a day off work. To celebrate, we went with our friends to see the ice castles. Last year, we went at night, so it was fun to see them during the day. They are made entirely out of ice, with no supporting substructure.
Nash was only three weeks old when we saw the ice castles last year. He slept through the entire outing. You can see that he was absolutely thrilled to be strapped in his stroller out in the cold this time around.
Thankfully, Blake, my trusty boy, cheered him right up.
Our friends have twin girls. I forgot how when you are in public with twins, you get a lot of comments sent your way. They are so used to it that they barely noticed, but I found it funny when almost every passing group whispered to each other (as if we couldn’t hear them), “Look at those twins!” 
Blake did not mind the twin factor one bit. He was really sweet to look out for the little ones all day.
But nothing turns my heart to mush more than the genuine love and concern these two have for each other. Blake came right up to Nash and threw his protective arms around him without any coaxing from us.
There are not a whole lot of family outings that can be done outside in February. Seeing the ice castles was a perfect way to spend a no-work Monday.


  • Anonymous February 23, 2011 at 7:21 pm

    Those are awesome! Where are they?

  • Steph H March 10, 2011 at 9:06 pm

    Your boys were really cute with each other at the castles. I loved how sweet Blake kept being with Nash.

    And that's so funny that you noticed so many twin comments. Cause I think Adam and I got back in the car and went, "Wow, I don't think we got one comment about the twins! What a first!" Maybe we're just becoming immune to them. Isn't it funny how much people comment? I never thought anyone would care and it's been eye-opening to walk around the world with two identical babies and watch how other people react. Crazy.

    Thanks again for such a fun outing!

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