Sick Day

March 31, 2011 in Blake, Sleeping - 5 Comments

It breaks my heart when our little boy is burning up so much that I find him asleep in odd locations around the house. I can tell he is really sick because he usually won’t doze anywhere but his bed (including his carseat on long drives). What I don’t mind…


I adore motherhood. But let me tell you, it’s not always roses around here. And it’s not always about fun outings and playdates and creative projects and vacations. Most of the time, we are in the trenches of day to day life. Our days are simple and repetitive. We repeat…

Wreath Fetish

March 21, 2011 in Crafts, Friends, Home Decor - 11 Comments

I have a slight fetish with wreaths. Take, for example, the number of wreaths hanging up in our home right now. So, when my friend Steph asked me to host her creative club for March, I naturally kept coming back to the idea of making some sort of wreath. After…

Bon Voyage

March 18, 2011 in Tanner Family - 3 Comments

Troy’s parents left for their service mission in Hawaii this morning. They stopped over yesterday to say goodbye to their grandchildren. There was a lot of laughter and a lot of weeping. Who wouldn’t miss these fun grandparents? Even though they will get to come home for six weeks this…


March 17, 2011 in St. Patrick's Day - 4 Comments

Continuing with the simplicity trend, I officially kept a holiday simple. We wore our green and ate Lucky Charms and called it good. Simplifying felt nice (don’t mind that non-green grass, freshly uncovered from the snow).


March 14, 2011 in Church, Motherhood - 3 Comments

I spent the weekend alone with the boys while Troy was in D.C. I expected to be bored and lonely, but I actually enjoyed the simplicity. We played at the park and made grilled cheese sandwiches upon request for dinner. We attended a baptism and had lunch with friends. Blake…

The Hunt

March 11, 2011 in Preschool - 5 Comments

I have been feeling the pressure. There has been an avalanche of information regarding the education of our preschooler. I have been bombarded with hype from chain preschools that claim they can teach our three year old to read. There have been rumors of waiting lists and interviews to get into…


I have never been sentimental about “stuff.” All of those cute little scribblings and yarn necklaces my son brings home each week from Sunbeams go right in the trash (while he’s not looking). I condensed my entire array of childhood yearbooks, awards, programs, and memorabilia down to one box. If I…

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