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I made some efforts this year to start some spiritual traditions revolving around Easter. Our most recent Christmas was such an over-scheduled, rushed blur that I resolved to do better to incorporate the true meaning of Easter into our celebrations. We had a great Family Home Evening lesson where we picked out symbols from a basket and talked about what they meant (soap, coins, sacrament cup, crown of thorns, white cloth, rock, nail, etc.).  
Our discussions throughout the week kept Blake somewhat interested, but it’s hard to compete with the Easter Bunny and baskets full of treats.
The Easter Bunny left a trail of yarn that led from Blake and Nash’s rooms to their baskets. They had to go on a serious hunt throughout the house to find their goodies.
Blake was pretty excited about what the Easter Bunny brought him.
Nash was mostly just delighted that I let him bring his lovey downstairs.
Blake helped Nash find his basket too. Then he threw a tantrum when I rolled the yarn back up. So much for making Easter a spiritual day.
By the time we went to church, the boys took their afternoon naps, and we had our big dinner, it was almost dark out when we got around to the egg hunt. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get the pictures I was hoping for (don’t look too closely at the grainy ones I did get), but I loved watching the excitement spread over the boys’ faces as they collected eggs.
Troy’s mom sent us egg leis from Hawaii since they couldn’t be here with us to celebrate. We used their nice large yard for our Easter egg hunt in their honor.
Happy Easter!


  • paws April 27, 2011 at 7:17 pm

    I've been mulling over sacred versus secular when it comes to holidays like Christmas and Easter. I really wish I could eliminate the secular aspects altogether and move them to a completely different day or something.

  • Steph H April 27, 2011 at 8:19 pm

    LOVE the new blog design! You're always so creative!

    Great idea with the easter basket of symbols for family night. What a good way to teach the sacred.

    I love the yarn through the house, that seems like the perfect activity for a toddler. I might have to steal that.

    Your hunt and pictures look great! I can't believe that's their yard, I thought you were at some really nice park or something. Love Nash's suit.

  • Linz April 28, 2011 at 3:04 am

    How cute is Nash with his lovey. I love that pic of him sitting in his jammies on the floor with Blake. And their Easter suits are so stinkin' cute!

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