While in Michigan, we are renting a little place across the street from beautiful Lake Michigan. Our days are filled with sand and water and more sand. It is delightful.
Did I mention sand? 
In Blake’s mind, the number one reason for our trip to Michigan is to play with his friend Skyler that he shared his Disneyland adventure with. It makes me sad that we only see her about once a year because they are two little peas in a pod.
The “littles” were quite fond of each other too. It made our hearts swell to watch them sharing sand toys.
Beach days aren’t quite what they used to be when Steph and I are both chasing around our very busy one year olds and keeping everyone fed and sunscreened. But we managed to escape for a short row-boating excursion while they were napping. We talked a mile a minute and I’m convinced that we still will never be completely caught up.
The paddling was short lived because the boat was a hot commodity.
Our evenings are filled with bike rides and walks along the shore and channel.
I wanted to lay right down in that silky soft sand too.
This is not going to get old anytime soon.


  • Sarah July 22, 2011 at 3:13 am

    Must say i'm jealous of the beach days! The beach is the number one thing i miss about Michigan! Maybe next year we'll make a trip in the summer.

  • Steph H July 27, 2011 at 9:00 pm

    Hmmm, another friend Steph with two cute little girls that are in love with your sweet boys and who has more to talk to you about than the time allows? Do you have some sort of honing beacon that just reels us all in?

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