August 31, 2011 in Summer Activities, Swimming - 3 Comments

I am in love with splash pads.  I tried taking the boys to the local pool once this summer, and it was absolute chaos trying to keep them both afloat in the midst of a crazy crowd. It about gave me a heart attack. Splash pads, however, give them the…

The Next Best Thing

August 25, 2011 in Beach, Michigan - 3 Comments

After playing our hearts out at the sandy shores of Lake Michigan for a few weeks, we went through some sand withdrawals once we came home. We succumbed to the next best thing; a manmade beach in the mountains. The short stretch of rocky sand was nothing like the silky smooth Lake…


August 24, 2011 in Blake, Nash - 3 Comments

This is what Blake does instead of napping these days: He builds elaborate parachutes for George. And this is what Nash obtains when he climbs (yes, climbs) up the shelves in the pantry: They think they are so clever.


August 23, 2011 in Birthdays, Cooking, Troy - 4 Comments

On Sunday, Troy turned older. It probably didn’t go down as the most memorable birthday ever, considering he had to attend a 6:30am church meeting and a bunch more meetings spread throughout the day. To top it all off, he was asked to sing a solo in church (which was…


August 19, 2011 in Summer Activities, Swimming - 5 Comments

We hit our twentieth park of the summer last week. We saved a good one for the big 2-0 (although now we’ve been to 21 after stumbling upon a great modern splash pad the other day). The park is right downtown, and it always feels a little bit like Central…

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