Under the Weather

September 29, 2011 in Nash, Sleeping - 6 Comments

It feels like we have been living in a sea of everything breaking down and waiting around in doctor’s offices for the last week. After sorting through some of Blake’s issues with professionals (who are completely as stumped as I am), Nash’s weekend long fever took a turn for the…

City Lights

September 23, 2011 in Photography - 6 Comments

A year and a half ago I purchased a new camera. I felt like I had sufficiently outgrown the one I had and I was ready to take the leap to the beautiful DSLR camera I had deliberated over and saved up for. With my purchase came some high expectations….

I Love My Children

September 17, 2011 in Blake, Nash - 1 Comment

My heart always spills over with love for our children. But it’s no secret that I’ve been having a hard time liking some of their actions lately. Sometimes, in the most tense moments, I have to repeat over and over in my head, “I love my children, I love my…

How to Use Leftover Window Screening

September 14, 2011 in Crafts - 11 Comments

Our screen door leading to the backyard was punched through a few too many times thanks to our littles. I finally got around to replacing it. When I was finished, there was about a foot of leftover window screening. I decided that my summer long crafting hiatus had come to an…

Naughty by Nature

September 9, 2011 in Motherhood, Nash - 7 Comments

Sometimes, I get so hopping mad when things like this happen… …that the only thing I can think to do is take a picture. I think I have officially given up showers while Nash is on the roam now that he open doors and pulls chairs up to places he…

First First

September 6, 2011 in Back to School, Blake, Preschool - 5 Comments

Today marked Blake’s first first day of school. I have been anticipating this day for a while now. I have really looked forward to our time apart because of the tension we’ve been having this year. I have been eager for Blake to experience the structured social learning aspects of…

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