Boating Run Down

Boating ranks #1 on our list of summer activities.
The only problem is that the lake takes months to warm up to a bearable temperature, so we always feel like we are cramming in boating trips at the end of the summer instead of spacing them out.
We have casually invited many families to come boating with us over the last few years, but vacations and weddings and reunions and other outings have always seemed to get in the way of following through with those invitations.
So, this year, we made plans with friends in advance and we didn’t let anything else take precedence on our calendar. We went boating four out of the last five weekends. We had so much fun that we are itching to get back out on that water, even if the temperature is rapidly dropping. We wish we could have invited everyone that we know and love, but time just plain ran out on us.
I’ll let the pictures tell the rest (and I apologize if you get a little carpal tunnel in your fingertips from scrolling through).
Blake was really into tubing all by himself this year. We were impressed with the risks he took. Troy is longing to get Blake up on the surfboard with his new found bravery.
I want these two babies to hook up someday:
Can you imagine the possibilities with the deep blue eyes they both possess?
Todd schemed about jumping off the back of the boat to knock Troy off the surf board.
He got pretty close, and Troy was really shocked. Brothers are the best.
Our final day of boating revealed the smoothest water we have ever seen on this lake. Our friends impressed us with their slalom skills.
Our last day was also the first day that Nash actually fell asleep on the boat. I savored that rare moment while I could.
One of the best parts about having friends with us was that our boys never got bored.
It seemed like everyone stepped in to entertain them, even if it meant poking a straw into a juicebox a million times to produce nonstop giggling.
As if the entertainment wasn’t enough, luring Nash into a second nap of the day was a miracle.
Until next year…


  • Stephanie September 13, 2011 at 4:00 am

    Awesome action shots. However, names would have been nice. How am I supposed to know who all these new friends are, that are replacing me?

    Also, I tried really hard not to laugh at your misery in the previous post. Real hard. But I failed. Maybe if he wasn't so darn cute…

  • Niki September 14, 2011 at 4:17 pm

    Such a fun day boating with you guys! Thanks for the fun and friendship! When you get a minute, will you email some of the pics of my family? Thanks!

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