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Our choices in Romania were:

A) Ride on a non air-conditioned bus for three hours each way to visit a bunch of historical sites and eat traditional seafood in Bucharest.

B) Spend a day at the beach.

Guess what we chose?

Yeah, Troy decided long before our trip that we should break up the sightseeing with a day at the beach. And it ended up being one of my favorite days because a break was just was we needed.ย The cool refreshing breeze coming from the shore made the day that much more relaxing.

Having the freedom to read and nap without worrying about our children drowning or throwing sand at each other was pretty awesome as well. I read through a flash photography book that I’ve been wanting to learn more about for ages.

Maybe we don’t know very much about Romanian history, but we got to swim in the Black Sea. That has to count as a cultural experience, right?

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  • Unknown July 7, 2012 at 9:29 pm

    So fun! Going to the beach WITHOUT worrying about kids would be a treat indeed!

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