October 15, 2012 in Blake, Soccer, Sports - 4 Comments

So, soccer. Let’s just say that we’re not sure Blake has an aggressive bone in his body. And his first game went something like this: The odds were not in his favor to begin with. He had a cold and didn’t sleep well the night before. He was told when…

The Worst Birthday Ever

October 12, 2012 in Birthdays, Pregnancy, Trials - 4 Comments

To anyone that asked me how my birthday was this year, I answered, “fine.” But this is the real story: My birthday was on Labor Day, back at the beginning of September. It should have been great. Since it fell on a holiday, Troy didn’t have to work, and our…

On Feeling Grateful

October 8, 2012 in Gratitude, Pregnancy, Trials - 3 Comments

Let me start by saying thank you so much for all the love you showed me after my little announcement last week. It may be all the hormones, but I got so emotional reading the comments and seeing the “likes” climb into the hundreds. I’ve been dying to get it…


October 4, 2012 in Pregnancy, Trials - 13 Comments

No, I didn’t fall off the planet. My recent prolonged absence is due to our growing fetus. I’ll be honest – I’m feeling about 50/50 on the shocked/excited emotional grid. I’m thrilled to be blessed with another sweet little one but I’m so very sick that it has been hard…

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