Gobble Gobble

The boys both had feasts at school the day before Thanksgiving. It might as well have been Christmas already, they were so excited. We thought it looked nice enough outside on Thanksgiving to take a family walk in the canyon before the main event. Yeah, we were wrong. It was…

It’s a…

November 22, 2012 in Fears, Motherhood, Pregnancy, Trials - 5 Comments

It was confirmed for a second time today. It’s no secret that I was aching for a baby girl this time around. I have dreamed of having my own daughter since I was a little girl myself. Everyone that I know recognizes how deep that desire goes for me. I’ve…


November 19, 2012 in Blake, Potty Training, Trials - 2 Comments

There should be local support groups for potty training parents. We should all sit in circles and tell everyone why our potty trainee is the most stubborn and un-cooperative little learner ever. And then when you hear the next story, hopefully it will cheer you up and give you hope….


November 7, 2012 in Nash Family, Pregnancy - 4 Comments

Paunchy -adj having a protruding belly or abdomen Here’s the thing about motherhood. It comes with amnesia. Even though I’ve done this 2 times before, I completely forgot how once you’ve already had a baby and you get pregnant with another, your belly wastes no time popping right out, making…

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