Evening Beach Run

March 11, 2013 in Beach, Hawaii, Vacations - No Comments

We made it to the beach at some point every day while we were in Hawaii. But I think the boys’ favorite beach memory might have been our windy evening picnic which was actually kind of an afterthought.

Troy’s parents had meetings one evening (yes, they do have actual work to do in paradise), so we ordered take-out. You have to drive along the shore to get anywhere, and as we were driving home, we thought, why not pull off at one of the hundreds of beaches and make it into a picnic?

The wind was out of control, but the boys couldn’t bear being feet away from the ocean without at least throwing some sand in there.

Of course, “some sand” turned into them both being drenched and covered in wet sand by the end. But we were in Hawaii. And I couldn’t think of a better place to live it up a little and forget about the mess.

They shouted, “Danger, danger!” each time a wave crashed along the shore and ran away as fast as they could to avoid getting wiped out. They had the time of their lives.

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