Little Fish

The last two weeks have been consumed, in part, with Blake’s first go around at swimming lessons.

He was so excited on the first day that he appeared in our room at 6am, dressed in his swimsuit for lessons that weren’t till 11am.

He was pretty confident in the water before, but now he is entirely fearless. I am shocked at how much he dunks himself underwater. I hated to get my face wet when I was a kid (still do).

We decided to try out lessons at an indoor pool even though we could be outside during the summer. It was actually so nice to not have to worry about sunscreen and windy days and our other little ones running into the pool.

Plus, Blake got to swim with his cute friends everyday.

The boys spotted the sno-cone shack everyday on the way to lessons. I finally treated them on the last day. Blake wasn’t so sure if it was worth all the hype.

He loved swim lessons so much that we signed him right up again for two more weeks. We’re going to try our local outdoor pool this time though, and see how the two compare. However, I don’t think Blake is going to care either way. As long as he is surrounded by water, he is one happy little fish.

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