Spring According to my Phone

I have completely separate posts (here and here) to phone-document the brand new member of our family, but the rest of us have been keeping busy as well (though admittedly we aren’t as adorable). Blake welcomed us home from the hospital with some art on the fridge. I can’t believe how many people are listed – suddenly a family of five seems huge!

The adjustment to the new baby has gone really well. As long as the older boys can experiment with the baby equipment.

We kicked off the summer with dentist appointments. Blake insists on wearing sunglasses for his sensitive eyes every time.

We joke about having “no shirt Sunday” because Blake’s shirt is the first thing to be removed after church on Sundays. And he usually remains that way for the rest of the day.

Blake always wants to be involved with what’s going on. He voluntarily mops the floor when I am cleaning.

He also figured out how to compete for my attention while I am feeding the baby. He just records videos of himself playing sports in the basement and then comes up and plays me the clips.

The boys sure can’t get enough of their dad. No matter what he is doing, they gravitate towards him and he becomes the main attraction (especially when he sits down to readย Wheel of Time).

Blake honored Father’s Day by making a trail of all the shoes that were piled up by the back door.

During one of the first lawn-mows of the season, the mower flung a rock into our sliding glass door and shattered it into a million pieces. It actually looked pretty artistic until it came crumbling down during a wind storm a few days later. It definitely put a wrench in any backyard activities we had planned when glass scattered throughout the yard.

We launched our summer fun; splash pad, book activities, waterpark, swim lessons and sno cones.

It’s going to be a very busy, fun-filled summer and this is only the beginning.

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