Crew | Four Months

August 16, 2013 in Beach, Crew - No Comments
Crew went ahead and turned another month older.
And even though I’m so far behind on posting our summer adventures, I figured I better get his fourth month documented because by the time I get all caught up he’ll probably be another month older. 
At four months, this is Crew’s routine: Roll over. Get stuck. Get mad. Repeat approximately 86 times a day. (He is my earliest roller.)
He is the spitting image of Blake as a baby. I get some serious déjà vu because he is like a little clone.
I remembered recently that I should probably be offering him toys. He loves to grasp things, and the sticking-everything-in-his-mouth and constant drooling has begun.
He loves his bumbo, his binky, and lights up when anyone, seriously anyone, talks to him.
He is so flexible and easy that sometimes I feel like I’m cheating.

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