July According to my Phone

Before we head off to Michigan, I want to at least document the last month in phone photos since I’m not sure when I’ll get to sorting through all of my “real” photos.

We took a much needed break from the 106ยฐ heat to go to a restaurant overlooking Temple Square and celebrate Troy mom’s birthday.

The boys had a “monkeys on skateboards” pajama party night while Troy was away at Girls’ Camp.

Oh my goodness I can never get enough of my scrumptious baby.

We hit the waterpark time and time again. Nash passed the time in line by mauling his baby brother.

The boys are always more interested in playing with Crew when they’re bored. Every time we go to church or are waiting at the doctor’s office, everyone all of a sudden wants to hold the baby.

Playing in the rain has always been one of my favorite things to do. There’s something about the sudden humidity, dark clouds and even thunder and lightning when we’re lucky that lures me into dropping everything and running outside to play. What makes it even better is that our boys are starting to appreciate the rain too. Each time a warm rainstorm rolled in this month, their eyes widened and they immediately asked me if we were going to go play in it.

We wrapped up our last weekend at home with some Sunday evening brownies and batter licking.
Next stop, Michigan. Bring on the humidity, lazy days on the beach, and endless gatherings with our loved ones.

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